Best WordPress Plugins 2019: Essential for Websites

If you look into the official plug-ins repository of WordPress, you would find more than 56,000 plug-ins available. These are great tools for adding and extending functionality to WordPress. Now you’d be thinking ‘One needs to choose plug-ins according to their website’s niche, isn’t it?’ Yes, you are right; however, there are several plug-ins that EVERY website owners MUST have.

We have made a list of best WordPress Plugins in the areas of SEO, speed, security, backups, social sharing, spam control, among other areas. So here’s the list of the same.

List of the Best WordPress plugins:

1. Yoast SEO

As there are millions of websites, you need to create content that could help you go higher in the search engine results. Yoast SEO is a plug-in which serves the same purpose as it focuses on creating content which is SEO friendly. It comes with features such as easy wizard setup, analysis tool, XML sitemap tool, open graph support, among other things.

In addition, it also provides reports about whether you need more keywords, is the page difficult to read and so on. Overall, we suggest you go for it if you want your website to appear in the top search results.

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2. WP Rocket

It is said that most of the users leave a website if the loading time is more than 3 seconds. Clearly loading speed plays a major role in the success of your site. WWP Rocket is a caching plug-in that creates cached copies of each dynamically-generated page of your website. It essentially lowers the work done by servers and optimizes your database.

There are several more things done by it such as minimizing the number of requests made by your website, making the UX/UI better, minifying and using CDN, etc.

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3. UpgraftPlus

Known as the world’s most trusted WordPress backup plug-in, UpdraftPlus has been trusted by more than 1 million users worldwide. There are certain features which give it a clear edge over other backup plug-ins. Some of them are easy to use interface, the option of backing up manually or through setting up schedules such as 4, 8 or 12 hours, daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, among other things.

Furthermore, it allows you to store the backed up data on the cloud or on your own computer. The premium version provides cloning and migration, fast personal support, pre-updated backups, no-ads lock settings, and several other useful functionalities.

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4. Everest Forms

A contact page is of unmatched importance for a website. It may be required for several things like getting reader’s feedback, business proposals, or any general need. Everest forms is a leader in this aspect as it offers several additional features such as two column WordPress contact forms, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc.

Furthermore, the number of forms that you could create is Unlimited. Also, you are provided with two designs layout: 1. Default and 2. Classic Layout.

There is another feature available in WPEverest’s User registration through which the visitors could easily use this front-end tool to register on your website. There are several other features available such as the availability of unlimited user forms, ReCaptcha support, email notification support, among other things.

So essentially it could be used for both purposes, creating contact pages and also for registration of users.

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5. WooCommerce

Want to sell items on your WordPress store? In this case, you need a revolutionary E-commerce plug-in. There is no better choice than WooCommerce as it powers more than 42% e-commerce stores on the internet and is active on more than 4 million sites.

There are several reasons why people go for it; some of them are the availability of massive marketplace of extensions, easy integration with any WordPress themes, ease of usage, suitable for selling both physical and digital products, among other things.

It takes some learning to use this plug-in, however, not much efforts go into learning its usage. So definitely it is a plug-in which you must have for your WordPress website.

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6. Smush Image Compression and Optimisation

A site which has no images looks bland and uninteresting. Uploading images is an excellent way to grab visitor’s attention and keep them hooked on the site. Photos could convey the message which texts could simply fail to convey.

However, uploading images come with a downside, they slow down your website and take considerable space. As mentioned by us in the earlier section of this article, a slow site is nothing less than a disaster. This is when you require image optimizer such as Smush. It automatically optimizes the images thus saving time as well as increasing the speed of your site.

You could try the free version; however, we would suggest you go for the paid one as it offers numerous features. Some of them are bulk optimization, unlimited image support, lossless compression, among others.

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7. Akismet

When we talk about anti-spam, Akismet is a name which can’t be ignored. As WordPress sites attract a lot of spam comments, it is a plug-in which becomes indispensable. If you are getting comments such as this-

“I like your blog, you are a good writer”, “Subscribed to your blog”, among others, probably these are spam comments. Clicking on their link would lead you to spammy sites and nothing productive.

The plug-in is originally developed by WordPress and is one of those which comes default with every WordPress new WordPress core installation. However, you need to subscribe to its monthly plan if you have a commercial site. The tool shows your users that you are moderating your comments, but also shows the blocked spam messages in your dashboard.

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8. Social Snap

If you aren’t taking leverage of social media, you are doing wrong. The reason being approximately 2 billion and 300 million users log into Facebook and Twitter respectively, each month. This means you could drive a lot of traffic onto your site through social media.

Social Snap is a plug-in designed for the same as it adds sharing buttons on your sites. You could not only use this on your desktop site but the mobile site as well, as it is mobile friendly.

The plug-in supports almost all social media platforms such as- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, WhatsApp, and even Telegram.

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9. Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

Keeping a track of all the happening on your site is a must as it would help you in planning out your strategies. To understand website traffic, Google Analytics is a great tool. MonsterInsights Google Analytics tool is a great plug-in when it comes to tracking your visitor’s action.

MonsterInsights installs Google Analytic tracking code on your site. You can view data from Google Analytic without even leaving your own dashboard.

There are several features provided such as tracking product popularity, conversion rates. download numbers, discovery reports, link tracking, among other things.

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10. Google XML Sitemaps

Writing SEO content isn’t enough for your site to appear on the top result of Google or any other search engine. In order to better index your site, you also require XML sitemaps. What it essentially does is that it enables the search engine bots to view the whole structure of your website. All these make it more visible on several search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Google, etc.

Google XML sitemaps are the most preferred plug-in in this regard. It even notifies major search engines when you post some new content on your website.

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11. Broken Link Checker

You may have great content on your site, however, as your site ages, it may pick up broken links. By that, we mean any link which doesn’t work the way it was supposed to. For example, you might have posted about a product several months ago and given a link for the same. As the visitor clicks on that link, they get landed on a broken page.

Such a situation just causes loss to your site and your business. This is why it is required to remove all these broken links. Broken Link Checker is a plug-in which monitors your website for all broken links.

The plug-in does all the work by itself and notifies you in case it finds something. There are several other features provided such as preventing search engines from following such links, represent such links in a different way, among other things.

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12. MailChimp

Email Marketing is essential to manage subscribers, send an email and do several other things. There are several players in the market in this regard; however, MailChimp is the most trusted among them all. The plug-in is active on millions of sites and regular features are added to make it more useful.

Some of the important features provided by this plug-in are adding subscribers to mail list, integration of contact form, checkout form, comment form, among other things.

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The above listed are the best WordPress Plug-ins as per our knowledge. We think that virtually every website needs these in order to increase the functionality of their site. So this is all from our side. We hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading.

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